ADRi vTHD: “Ensuring Power Supply Security for a Sustainable Economic Recovery”

The power and energy sector plays a crucial role in the social development and economic growth of a nation. In the Philippines, such developments are hindered by high electricity prices and the reoccurring supply tightness experienced by the Luzon grid, especially during the summer months. Pandemic-induced community quarantines in the country resulted in a significant decrease in electricity demand last summer. However, as restrictions ease and the economy gradually reopens, demand continues to grow and has already surpassed pre-pandemic levels.

As the 2022 Philippine national elections draw near, the incoming government must take into consideration energy policies that protect consumers from high electricity prices and the economy from losses caused by power outages. If the Luzon grid’s growing supply deficit remains unaddressed, then economic activities that are vital to the country’s already strained economy will be impeded and will disrupt the daily lives of Filipinos.

The energy sector provides significant potential as a driver of economic growth. Ensuring a stable power supply and modernizing the country’s electricity supply system would improve our business climate, attract foreign investment, and create more jobs, therefore accelerating the revival of the Philippine economy. A collaborative effort from all energy stakeholders is key in effectively addressing the looming supply shortage and the country’s high electricity prices. Initiatives towards the modernization, efficiency, and reliability of our power supply would foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth for the whole nation, uplifting the lives of millions of Filipinos.

This virtual event sought to bring together stakeholders of the electric power industry to discuss long-term solutions in addressing the reoccurring issue of supply shortage in the Luzon grid. This would also serve as a platform for speakers to share their insights on where the industry is heading post-pandemic, the challenges to be faced by the next administration in tackling the supply issue, and possible energy policies to be enacted by the incoming government.


Opening Remarks
Prof. Victor Andres “Dindo” C. Manhit
President, Stratbase ADR Institute

Keynote Address
Senator Sherwin T. Gatchalian
Chairperson, Senate Committee on Energy

Improving Economic Competitiveness by Reducing Power Rates
Mr. Jose S. Alejandro
Adviser for Energy and Power, Chair of Utilities, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)

Spurring Private-Public Sector Collaboration to Increase Power Supply
Mr. Ernesto B. Pantangco
Chairman, Energy Committee of the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP)

Securing a Stable Power Supply Through a Balanced Development of Energy Sources
Mr. Meneleo J. Carlos, Jr.
Chairman Emeritus, Power & Energy Committee, Federation of Philippine Industries, Inc. (FPI)

Safeguarding Consumer Welfare From Rising Electricity Prices
Mr. Romeo L. Bernardo
Vice Chair, Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF)

Avoiding Blackout Economics: Power Adequacy and Affordability
Mr. Bienvenido “Nonoy” Oplas, Jr.
President, Minimal Government Thinkers

Addressing Rotating Power Outages
Atty. James Mark Terry Ridon
Convenor, InfraWatch PH

Upholding Transparency and Streamlining Regulatory Procedures in the Energy Sector
Atty. Victorio Mario A. Dimagiba, AB, LLB, LLM
President, Laban Konsyumer, Inc.

Ensuring Reasonable Power Rates for Consumers
Prof. Louie C. Montemar
Convenor, Bantay Konsyumer, Kuryente, Kalsada (BK3)

Closing Remarks
Mr. Orlando O. Oxales
Convenor, CitizenWatch Philippines

Host & Moderator:
Mr. Francesco Javier “Paco” A. Pangalangan
Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute

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