ADRi vTHD: “Responding to Emerging Maritime Security Challenges in the Indo-Pacific”

The increasing importance of maritime security in the Indo-Pacific has provided opportunities for states to pursue multilateral and inclusive cooperation. Security challenges such as China’s gray zone operations, maritime terrorism, and environmental degradation require a careful understanding of the region’s evolving security architecture.

To realize a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, it is crucial to maintain cooperation between like-minded states including the United States, Australia, India, and Japan, as well as members of the European Union such as Germany. Such partnerships are relevant in upholding and protecting international laws, treaties, and policies to preserve a rules-based maritime order. Upholding the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the 2016 arbitral victory are also important steps to ensure peace and stability in the region.

In the context of the Philippines, maritime security has become more than just an issue of national security and territorial integrity. Given the regions’ evolving security architecture, there is a crucial need for the Philippines to build a stronger and more responsive foreign and security policy. This will allow the country to strengthen its national security. In addition, this will also allow the Philippines to contribute to the maintenance of a multilateral rules-based maritime order.

The Stratbase ADR Institute believes that advancing partnerships in the maritime security domain through multilateral and inclusive cooperation will ensure a peaceful, prosperous and stable region. In partnership with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Manila, the Institute seeks to provide a platform for experts and thought leaders to come together and share their insights and policy recommendations. The event highlighted Professor Rüdiger Wolfrum, a distinguished international jurist and a former judge at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.


Opening Remarks

Prof. Victor Andres “Dindo” Manhit
President, Stratbase ADR Institute

Keynote Address

H.E. Anke Reiffenstuel
Ambassador, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Manila


Prof. Rüdiger Wolfrum
Director Emeritus, Max Planck Institute for Comparative, Public Law and International Law;
Former Judge, International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea

Discussant 1

Dr. Renato de Castro
Trustee and Program Convenor, Stratbase ADR Institute;
Professor, International Studies Department, De La Salle University

Discussant 2

Dr. Chester Cabalza
President and Founder, International Development and Security Cooperation (IDSC)

Closing Statement by the Stratbase ADR Institute

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