ADRi Event: “The Geopolitics of Infrastructure: Opportunities and Challenges for the Philippines and the Indo-Pacific”

There is a need for the Philippines to capitalize on the rise of regional infrastructure initiatives, such as the B3W and BRI, to address existing gaps and further develop its infrastructure sector while safeguarding itself from potential security risks. Participation in these global infrastructure projects requires proper examination of their risks, benefits, and impact on the current geopolitical dimension of the Indo-Pacific.

Through this event, the Institute seeks to provide a platform for experts and scholars to share their assessments and recommendations on the current infrastructure landscape in the Philippines and how the country can maximize opportunities through engagements with key allies and partners. Read More

‘A new growth story’: Creating a conducive investment environment

We at Stratbase have always advocated a shift away from consumption-led growth toward investment-driven development. Our experience of COVID-19 — specifically, its economic consequences — emphasized the need to be less vulnerable to external developments and hence be more resilient to external shocks. The lockdowns which restricted people’s movements, and hence consumption and other economic activities, dealt a serious blow not only to businesses, but to the economy as a whole. Read More

ADRi Virtual Business RTD: “Economic Outlook for 2023: Building the Momentum Through an Investment-Led Growth”

Investments are a crucial tool in increasing the nation’s productivity while also generating employment and providing income security. To attain investment-led growth, the government must create a business environment that enables growth and innovation through market-friendly public policies, transparency, and good governance. Mutual collaboration between the public and private sectors is vital to withstand global economic shocks and help rebuild the Philippines into a more resilient nation.

This event seeks to bring together the country’s economic experts to share their outlook for 2023 and their insights on adopting an investment-driven strategy toward ensuring inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Read More

Strengthening our defense posture with allies

United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III, during his visit to Manila last week, reaffirmed his country’s commitment to help the Philippines strengthen its defense posture. The US would support the Philippines in case of attacks, he said. Citing the deep, strong, and lasting ties between the two countries, Mr. Austin and his Philippine counterpart, Defense Secretary Carlito Galvez, Jr., discussed concrete actions to address destabilizing activities in our archipelagic territory. Read More

Who’s afraid of the NCAP?

The Supreme Court has finally wrapped up oral arguments on the No Contact Apprehension Policy (NCAP). Two petitions that raised legal issues caused the issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO) on a policy that was meant to make the enforcement of traffic rules more efficient, less vulnerable to human intervention, and bolster overall road safety. In fact, a significant decrease in the number of traffic violations had been attributed to the NCAP. Read More