ADRi Occasional Paper: “Recurring Disparities and Issues in the Philippine Pandemic Response”

We are pleased to present Stratbase ADR Institute’s August 2021 Occasional entitled, “Recurring Disparities and Issues in the Philippine Pandemic Response”, authored by our Health Sector Lead, Mr. Alvin Manalansan. This paper revisits the pandemic response of the Philippine government and discusses the growing challenges brought by the emergence of various COVID-19 variants. Despite the… Read More

Looking back at past admin’s governance reform, economic successes

Paco A. Pangalangan, Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute Last week, I had the pleasure of running a virtual panel stacked with former cabinet members of late President Benigno Aquino III. Entitled Looking Back to Build Forward, Stratbase ADR Institute organized the virtual town hall discussion in partnership with the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation. And… Read More

A legacy of far-reaching initiatives

Dindo Manhit, President, Stratbase ADR Institute As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage societies and economies, Philippine society is currently confronted by an information crisis characterized by widespread disinformation and misinformation. The political and economic predicaments borne by these conditions reinforce the democratic decline being experienced by established, developing, and fledgling democracies. The countervailing factor… Read More

Information literacy: Learning to spot what is and what isn’t online

Paco A. Pangalangan, Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute With the Department of Education’s official opening date for School Year 2021-2022 just around the corner, students around the country are probably now psyching themselves up for the end of their summer breaks. By mid-September, gone will be the days of waking up late, lazy afternoons and… Read More

ADRi vTHD: “Looking Back to Build Forward: Lessons from Aquino’s Reforms”

After honoring the July 2016 Arbitral Ruling victory, the Stratbase ADR Institute (ADRi) hosted a commemorative virtual town hall discussion (vTHD) to highlight the achievements and legacy of the late President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. Entitled “Looking Back to Build Forward: Lessons from Aquino’s Reforms”, the vTHD set sail on the discussion of the economic,… Read More