“Practical Futures for Cyber Confidence Building in the ASEAN Region”

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute with the support of the Australian Government and the Australia-ASEAN Council hosted a roundtable meeting on “Practical Futures for Cyber Confidence Building in the ASEAN Region” last March 15, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. This activity is part of ASEAN-Australia Week, a lead-in event to the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit.

“Developing a Cybersecure Culture”

The digital world has increasingly underpinned wide-ranging aspects of our daily lives. While digital technology has provided opportunities for growth and development, the same created new threats or risks. Our increasing dependence on such technology only intimates that the cost of any disruption would likewise be high. Laws have been passed to protect and enforce… Read More

Developing government’s cybersecure culture

Atty. Katrina Clemente-Lua, Executive Director of the Stratbase ADR Institute Cybersecurity in the Philippines remains in its infancy stage. Several initiatives to address cybersecurity concerns have been undertaken in the previous administrations, all of which were inadequate in deterring a good number of cyber threats that transpired in recent years. In March 2013, after the… Read More

Strategic partnerships in ‘Indo-Pacific’

Dindo Manhit, President of the Stratbase ADR Institute Since the arbitral tribunal ruled in favor of the Philippines in 2016, China has continued its military buildup in the South China Sea. In its latest report, the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative said “permanent facilities such as buildings ranging from underground storage areas and administrative buildings to… Read More