Reality check

Dindo Manhit, President of the Stratbase ADR Institute for Strategic and International Studies It takes more than populism for a leader to fulfill his promises to the people, and far more to combat elitism and make the government function more. Without definitive and well-considered policies, a leader’s populist pronouncements, witticisms, and tough talk are mere… Read More

ADRi Special Study: “Duterte’s First Year in Office: Assessing the Balance Sheet”

Yesterday, the Stratbase ADRi launched a Special Study by Mr. Richard Heydarian. Entitled “Duterte’s First Year in Office: Assessing the Balance Sheet”, the paper provides an assessment of President Rodrigo Duterte’s first year in office by placing it within the context of the Philippines’ challenges in four areas: domestic security and terrorism; foreign policy; socio-economic… Read More

A constitution for economic freedom

Dindo Manhit, President of the Stratbase ADR Institute for Strategic and International Studies The development of a dynamic and productive economy hinges on its society’s constitution — the national framework whose provisions help ensure the people’s wellbeing. In concrete terms, the economic provisions of a constitution succeed when they strike the right balance between safeguarding… Read More

Economic Snapshots: 3rd Quarter 2017

Economic Snapshots is a quarterly publication that presents the current economic situation of the Philippines through various economic indicators as monitored by local and international nancial institutions. This includes the country’s most recent data on Gross Domestic Product, Foreign Direct Investments and Remittances, among others. In addition, studies on the economic performance and financial forecasts for the… Read More

China’s Port Acquisitions in Sri Lanka & Djibouti: Lessons on Chinese Developmental Financing for the Philippines

The rise of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the global economy has been one of the biggest contributors to the decline of global inequality until the early 2000s (Ho-fung 2015, 102). As an alternative foreign direct investor, Chinese companies have chosen to do business with developing countries previously ignored by other major investors… Read More