Rendering the Mutual Defense Treaty into ‘scrap paper’

Dr. Renato de Castro, Trustee and Convenor of the National Security and East Asian Affairs Program, Stratbase ADR Institute In December 2018, Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana declared that he wanted a review of the 1951 Philippine-US Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT). He stated that it is high time for the two… Read More

Rise of Chinese investments in Duterte’s Philippines: Some consequences

Weslene Uy, Economic Fellow of the Stratbase ADR Institute In December 2018, the Philippines recorded foreign direct investments net inflows of $677 million, a 4.8% drop from last year, and its fifth straight month of contraction. This is a turnaround from when investments continued to post a strong expansion, riding the wave of bullish investor… Read More

Corrosive Foreign Direct Investments: The case of Offshore Gaming

Weslene Uy, Economic Fellow of the Stratbase ADR Institute President Duterte may have flip-flopped on his stance on several issues, but he has been consistent in his accommodation of Chinese investments and loans. And understandably so. Chinese money has filled the gap vacated by Westerners and has covered the funding requirements of developing nations. Critics,… Read More

Strategic purchasing critical to Universal Health Care

Alvin M. Manalansan, Health Fellow of the Stratbase ADR Institute The recently signed Universal Health Care (UHC) Act, Republic Act 11223, is actually aligned with the current flagship program of the Department of Health, “FOURmula One Plus: Boosting Universal Health Care.” In a healthcare system, “purchasing” refers to the process by which funds are transferred… Read More