ADRi Virtual Business RTD: “Economic Outlook for 2023: Building the Momentum Through an Investment-Led Growth”

Investments are a crucial tool in increasing the nation’s productivity while also generating employment and providing income security. To attain investment-led growth, the government must create a business environment that enables growth and innovation through market-friendly public policies, transparency, and good governance. Mutual collaboration between the public and private sectors is vital to withstand global economic shocks and help rebuild the Philippines into a more resilient nation.

This event seeks to bring together the country’s economic experts to share their outlook for 2023 and their insights on adopting an investment-driven strategy toward ensuring inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Read More

ADRi Town Hall Discussion: “Prioritizing the National Interest in Philippine Foreign Policy: Strengthening Alliances and Strategic Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific”

This forum aimed to convene government agencies, members of the diplomatic community, local and regional experts, and civil society organizations to share their insights and recommendations on the various Indo-Pacific strategies and the Philippines’ independent foreign policy under the Marcos, Jr. administration. Read More