The Stratbase ADR Institute for Strategic and International Studies (ADRi) is an independent, international research organization focused on the in-depth analysis of economic, social, political and strategic issues influencing the Philippines and the Indo-Pacific region. At the age of geopolitical uncertainties and technological advancements, ADRi gives equal importance to the interdependent nature of states, sectors and stakeholders for its strategic analyses and solutions design.

ADRi traces its roots to the Stratbase Research Institute (SRI) established in 2004. SRI focused on providing strategic solutions to domestic governance, socio-economic, and other policy concerns. It aimed to contribute to Philippine development through research and responsive policy alternatives.

As SRI sought solutions, Indo-Pacific affairs frequently inserted themselves into the equation. There was and is a clear relation between domestic and regional affairs; movement in one reverberates in the other.

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Thinking Beyond Politics

Through this event, the Institute seeks to provide a platform for experts and scholars to share their views and recommendations on the Philippines’ foreign policy direction.

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After President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.’s trip to China last week, the question on everyone’s mind was: What now? What does this trip mean for our territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea?

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Geopolitical tensions among states will continue to reshape and disrupt the security environment in the Indo-Pacific. Parallel to this, foreign policies and security strategies of states are expected to evolve as traditional and non-traditional security issues persist alongside the emergence of new challenges.

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ADRi Town Hall Discussion: “Prioritizing the National Interest in Philippine Foreign Policy: Strengthening Alliances and Strategic Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific”

This forum aimed to convene government agencies, members of the diplomatic community, local and regional experts, and civil society organizations to share their insights and recommendations on the various Indo-Pacific strategies and the Philippines’ independent foreign policy under the Marcos, Jr. administration.

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As we enter 2023, we start to see more clarity in the uncertainties of the previous year. These uncertainties include the possible end of the pandemic, economic recovery, and the election of good leaders who can pull us out of these hard times.

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A new year is always cause for celebration. It makes us look forward to many things, but it also reminds us to make good use of the lessons we learned in the past.

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On Nov. 22, 2022, while appearing in the TV news program One News: The Chiefs, National Security Adviser Clarita Carlos revealed that top Philippine security and foreign relations cluster officials were scheduled to meet to review the 1951 Philippine-U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT).

According to her, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. ordered a review of the MDT considering several U.S. requests and proposals, particularly about the 2014 Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

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Last month, the Stratbase ADR Institute held its two-day annual Pilipinas Conference, which gathered top government officials, industry leaders and other stakeholders to share their insights on the most pressing political, economic and social challenges faced by the country today.

The second session of the conference touched on the pivotal role of the private sector in nation-building and how its partnerships with the government can promote inclusive growth and sustainable development in the long run.

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The Stratbase ADR Institute’s Pilipinas Conference gave me a renewed sense of hope for our nation—both in the management of our internal affairs and securing our place in the community of nations.

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