The Stratbase ADR Institute for Strategic and International Studies (ADRi) is an independent strategic research organization. With its international focus, ADRi believes that Philippine and regional security and development can be achieved through the cooperation of the public and private sectors.

ADRi traces its roots to the Stratbase Research Institute (SRI) established in 2004. SRI focused on providing strategic solutions to domestic governance, socio-economic, and other policy concerns. It aimed to contribute to Philippine development through research and responsive policy alternatives.

As SRI sought solutions, East Asia’s affairs frequently inserted themselves into the equation. There was and is a clear relation between domestic and regional affairs; movement in one reverberates in the other.

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Weslene Uy, Stratbase ADRi Research Associate President Rodrigo Duterte’s reorientation towards Asia might have been more prophetic than we first thought. During the campaign, Donald Trump made a number of controversial remarks, riding on the growing wave of protectionist sentiment in the United States and around the world. He capitalized on the rising discontentment among… Read More

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Over the past several months, the Philippine government has revisited the country’s foreign policy and made a distinctive shift in the country’s ties with China and the United States. The government’s changes require the Philippines’ policymakers and foreign policy thinkers to continuously deepen our understanding of the strategic environment and the potentials and pitfalls of… Read More

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As the Philippine digital financial services arena is in a breakout stage, it is imperative that new technologies must be utilized in the hope to spur financial inclusion, ultimately benefiting Filipino consumers. Critical to delivering these benefits is the public’s trust of IT cloud services and level of cybersecurity that must be deployed by financial… Read More

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Lysander Castillo, Stratbase ADRi Environment Fellow and Philippine Business for Environmental Stewardship (PBEST) Secretary-General The task of managing the environment is complex, no matter where you are in the world. The manager must balance the protection of the physical environment with the welfare of people who live off the land. After all, environmental pressures are… Read More

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Dindo Manhit, President of the Stratbase ADR Institute for Strategic and International Studies The Philippines is putting to action new partners in national security. Last Wednesday, President Duterte said he had sought China’s assistance in patrolling regional waters. A day later, he reaffirmed his intention to buy weapons from Russia, specifically precision-guided munitions or “smart… Read More

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Prof. Renato de Castro, Stratbase ADRi Trustee  Throughout his second term, then US President Barack Obama made certain that the Asia-Pacific region served as the focal point of US strategic and diplomatic attention, as he built up American forward-deployed forces in the Western Pacific, strengthened bilateral alliances, forged new security partnerships with a number of… Read More

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