China’s Stratagem in the Framework Negotiations for a Code of Conduct with ASEAN

Dr. Renato Cruz De Castro, Trustee and Convenor of the National Security and East Asian Affairs Program of the Stratbase ADR Institute After meeting on the sidelines of the ASEAN Regional Forum in Singapore last week, the regional bloc and China announced a breakthrough in the drafting for the framework for a Code of Conduct… Read More

“Challenges to a Rules-Based International System: Moving Forward”

With recent developments that seemingly undermine the established rules-based international system, serious questions over the adherence to the international law have been raised. For instance, over recent months we have seen chemical weapon attacks in Syria, Salisbury and Kuala Lumpur. In Europe, we have also seen parts of countries forcibly taken by others. In Asia-Pacific… Read More

Casting doubts on the integrity of a successful elections

Claudette Guevara, Deputy Executive Director for Programs of the Stratbase ADR Institute and Secretary General of Democracy Watch Philippines Our nation had taken great strides towards the improvement of our elections by shifting to automation. Arguably, traditional modes of electoral cheating and electoral violence have been prevented and minimized since its implementation. This time, Philippine democracy… Read More

Don’t tax if you can’t spend

Weslene Uy, Senior Economic Research Analyst of the Stratbase ADR Institute After passing the first package under the Duterte administration’s tax program, lawmakers are now focusing on “TRAIN 2,” which aims to lower corporate income tax rates and rationalize fiscal incentives. Following President Rodrigo Duterte’s prodding during his third State of the Nation Address, the… Read More