State sovereignty, the ICC, and the South China Sea submission

Atty. Jenny Domino, Democracy and Human Rights Fellow, Stratbase ADR Institute The International Criminal Court (ICC) has made headlines in the past month. The withdrawal of the Philippines from the Rome Statute took effect on March 17. This prevents the court from potentially investigating drug-related killings committed after this date, and would find it more… Read More

The real deal behind Philippines’ power crisis

Atty. Hanna Viola, Energy and Infrastructure Fellow of the Stratbase ADR Institute and Convenor of CitizenWatch Philippines Since the first quarter of this year, the Luzon grid has been dealing with continuous thinning or zero reserves, prompting the raising of yellow and red alerts. A “yellow alert” is issued by the National Grid Corporation of… Read More

Risk and uncertainty of ‘Build, Build, Build’ program

Edwin Santiago, Executive Director of the Stratbase ADR Institute For many years, the state of infrastructure development in the Philippines has been described as pitiful—generally, inhibited by government underspending, hampered by inefficiency and sub-optimal absorptive capacity, bogged down by politics and patronage, and riddled with corruption. The gold standard for infrastructure spending is widely-accepted to… Read More