Day 1 of the Pilipinas Conference: Commitments from our government

Day 1 of the Pilipinas Conference turned out to be everything we had expected and more. Our esteemed guests from the public sector, private sector, civil society, as well as the diplomatic community, enthusiastically shared their time and their precious insights to deepen our discussions on how we can more effectively respond to the challenges of the times.

This is our seventh Pilipinas Conference, and I have reason to believe we will look forward to many more. Read More

Pilipinas Conference 2022: “Onward to New Beginnings: Sustaining and Improving Philippine Development”

Since 2016, the Stratbase ADR Institute has held its annual Pilipinas Conference to spark ideas and generate discussions on pressing issues of its time. Now on its seventh year, the Pilipinas Conference 2022 aimed to continue forwarding multi-sectoral collaboration and impacting policies on the most urgent social, political, and economic challenges that influence the Philippines and the Indo-Pacific region.

Moving forward from the 2022 Philippine national elections and keeping in mind the various crises the country faces, it is important to engage the new government on how it intends to set the course for the next six years. Read More

Reinforcing a rules-based maritime order in the Indo-Pacific

Maritime security has become an important dimension of global security despite being frequently overlooked in coverage of international affairs.

The heightened competition in the maritime domain, as well as the emergence of various maritime security challenges have continued to elevate risks and put existing regional mechanisms under pressure. Read More

Without good governance, we can never be truly investment-friendly

“Attracting investments” is an often-espoused objective when we talk about the economy. The objective is to make our country more attractive to investors, whether foreign or domestic, who would put in capital and operate their businesses here in the Philippines. These businesses stimulate economic activity, create jobs for the people, allowing them to have an income they could spend on their needs and wants, and to improve their quality of life. Read More