We must all fight corruption in government

Jaime Jimenez, Ph.D, Deputy Executive Director for Research, Stratbase ADRi Corruption is a universal evil. It spans countless countries, regardless of the level of economic development and political orientation. As the pervasiveness of corruption simply undermines all efforts attempted by a government in trying to make things better for a country, the responsibility is primarily… Read More

Duterte’s decision to scrap the VFA: Whimsical or insidious?

Dr. Renato de Castro, Trustee and Convenor of the National Security and East Asian Affairs Program, Stratbase ADR Institute Despite the senior senators’ pleas to reconsider his plan of abrogating the 1999 Philippine-US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), President Rodrigo Duterte decided to scrap the 20-year-old treaty. He ordered his executive secretary to instruct the foreign… Read More

Ash clouds over infrastructure

Terry Ridon, Fellow for Infrastructure of the Stratbase ADRi, Convenor of Infrawatch PH, and former chairman of the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor Most recently, infrastructure officials of the Duterte administration have been touting infographics purportedly showing the administration’s legacy on infrastructure development in the Philippines. However, similar to the country’s experience with ashfall… Read More

ADRi Occasional Paper: “The ASEAN’s Divided Resistance: Duterte, China, and the Quest for the Rule of Law in the South China Sea”

It is with pleasure that we share with you Stratbase ADR Institute’s January 2020 occasional paper entitled, “The ASEAN’s Divided Resistance: Duterte, China, and  the  Quest  for Rule of Law in the South China Sea.” Comprised of three parts, the first part describes the primary challenge that ASEAN confronts in currently evolving regional geopolitics. The… Read More