Statement by the Stratbase Group: “COVID-19 vaccines: The cure for the global economic and public health crisis”

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed a hidden weakness of global economies: healthcare systems are not as healthy as we thought they were. The pandemic showed that even the best healthcare systems of the most technologically advanced countries can be strained in the absence of a basic cure in the form of a working vaccine. Since the… Read More

Enabling recovery through digital stimulus

Paco A. Pangalangan, Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute The other day, Moody’s Analytics reported that it expects the Philippines to be the last economy in the Asia Pacific Region to fully recover from the recession induced by COVID-19. Moody’s also said the Philippines and India are the countries least committed to fiscal stimulus despite being… Read More

Political integrity and public interest for 2021

Dindo Manhit, President, Stratbase ADR Institute The year 2020 has been the most challenging period for the Duterte Administration. On one hand, Philippine governance and society are now confronted by compound problems caused by or aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic and government measures to control the spread of infections—a weak health care system, inadequate social… Read More

Recovery needs a people-centered and sustainable green economy

Dindo Manhit, President, Stratbase ADR Institute In the Stratbase ADR Institute Special Study entitled “The Challenge of Managing 21st Century Pandemics Amidst the US-China Strategic Competition,” trustee and program convenor Dr. Renato C. De Castro emphasized that “while the global society grapples to control and eradicate the COVID-19 virus: it ignores the big picture that pandemics… Read More

COVID-19 and climate change, the dual crises of 2020

Paco A. Pangalangan, Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute There is no doubt that people will remember 2020 as the year the world was introduced to COVID-19, the virus behind the global pandemic that has led to over 1.8 million deaths, caused economies to crash, and opened doors to corruption around the world.  In the Philippines, COVID-19… Read More

Stratbase ADR Institute Special Study: “The Continuing Political Development and Nation-State Building”

As this unique and challenging year comes to an end, it is with pleasure that we share with you Stratbase ADR Institute’s Special Study entitled, “The Continuing Political Development and Nation-State Building”, authored by ADRi Non-Resident Fellow, Rizal G. Buendia, Ph.D. The study aptly projects our work in terms of political development issues and needs… Read More