Stratbase ADRi’s Special Studies provide an in-depth examination and analysis of key issues that affect the broader aspects of governance, security, and democratic institutions, as well as emerging and evolving threats, such as pandemics and climate change.

The authors and researchers behind these studies are carefully selected from a team of academics, fellows, and experts. To give structure to the research, these papers are carefully planned out from the start of the year. That being said, mechanisms for flexibility are built in to allow the team to be dynamic.


The Continuing Political Development and Nation-Building in the Philippines

Reviving Democratic Institutions: Strengthening the Fight Against Corruption

COVID-19 and Security Governance: An Initial Examination of the Philippine Experience and its Possible Implications for Policy Development

COVID-19: Navigating Inclusive Recovery Towards the New Normal

The Challenge of Managing 21st Century Pandemics amidst the U.S.-China Strategic Competition

The Build, Build, Build Program – Will it live up to expectations?

2019 Midterm Elections in Review: An Assessment of the ‘Credibility’ of the 2019 Midterm Elections

Japan-Philippines Security Cooperation in a Post-Coronavirus World

Metro Manila’s Water Privatization: Making Sense of the So-Called ‘Onerous’ Provisions

Revisiting Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000