Thinking Beyond Crises: Developing a Vision for Philippine Foreign Policy

Dindo Manhit, Stratbase-ADRi To everyone’s attention, foreign policy, like national defense, has become a regular feature in the 2016 presidential campaigns. Candidates have used their foreign policy ideas, especially as they relate to the Philippines’ rocky relationship with China, to demonstrate their patriotism and to undermine their opponents’ loyalty or leadership in the public eye.… Read More

Foundational Security Triangle Emerges Out of the South China Sea

Ernest Z. Bower, Trustee of Stratbase ADRi, President & CEO of BowerGroupAsia, and Senior Adviser for Southeast Asia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies The Maritime Self-Defense Force training submarine Oyashio, escorted by the destroyer Ariake (background), one of two vessels that accompanied the sub, arrives at Subic Bay in the Philippines… Read More

The Philippines and Japan Sign New Defense Agreement

Renato de Castro, Stratbase Albert del Rosario Institute (ADRi) Trustee Philippine defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Japanese ambassador to the Philippines Kazuhide Ishikawa on February 29 signed a new defense agreement to allow the transfer of defense equipment and technology from Japan to the Philippines. It also provides for the Philippines and Japan to conduct… Read More

EDCA Refocus: Eyes on the AFP’s Modernization Program

Dindo Manhit, President at Stratbase ADRi & Angelica Mangahas, Deputy Executive Director & Security Specialist at the ADRi On Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled that the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the Philippines and the United States is an executive agreement that does not require Senate approval. With the ruling in hand, the Philippines… Read More

Time is of the Essence in South China Sea Arbitration Case

Ernest Z. Bower, Stratbase ADRi Trustee and Senior Adviser and Chair for Southeast Asia Studies at CSIS, & Conor Cronin, Research Associate with the Southeast Asia Studies Chair The timing of the decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague on the Philippines’ case against China’s nine-dash-line claims has critical geopolitical implications for… Read More

Security Should Share the Limelight – Reviewing the APEC Leaders’ Summit

(Part 2 of 2) Angelica Mangahas, Deputy Executive Director & Security Specialist at the ADR Institute Earlier last week, I advocated keeping trade at the top of the agenda at the APEC Leaders’ Summit. Despite the stated goals of APEC and my own hopes, however, there is no avoiding that trade issues have not taken center stage… Read More

Keep Trade on the Agenda – This Week’s APEC Summit

(Part 1 of 2) Angelica Mangahas, Deputy Executive Director & Security Specialist at the ADR Institute The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit has become so well-known as a talking shop that the annual gathering, wherever it’s held, is known best for having world leaders dress in the host’s national attire. Indicating the Summit’s remarkably low stakes… Read More