Restrengthening the US-PH alliance

Dindo Manhit, President, Stratbase ADR Institute The emergence of various security threats and the growing importance of multilateralism and strategic partnerships are shaping the power dynamics and the overall security architecture in the Indo-Pacific region. As more states turn their attention toward the Indo-Pacific, security partnerships such as the newly launched AUKUS alliance between Australia,… Read More

ADRi vTHD: “Synergy Towards a People-Centered Health Agenda”

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose public health threats and strain both health and economy. Undeniably, in the Philippines, the pandemic has revealed and enlarged existing gaps in our public health system. At the same time, it has also presented opportunities to implement programs and reforms to improve the healthcare system in line with the… Read More

Fostering a people-centered health agenda

Alvin Manalansan, Non-Resident Fellow of Stratbase ADR Institute and Convenor of CitizenWatch Philippines After backtracking from its initial decision, the National Government recently announced that it will push through with the implementation of granular lockdowns. This is being piloted in the National Capital Region until Sept. 30. Since this pandemic began, the government has experimented… Read More

The impact of the Malampaya shutdown

Paco A. Pangalangan, Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute A few weeks before it was set to shut down for preventive maintenance, the Malampaya gas field suddenly stopped supplying fuel to natural gas plants in Luzon. With natural gas output restricted, several large power plants were forced to switch to more expensive fuel sources, reduce output,… Read More

Averting an education crisis

Paco A. Pangalangan, Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute Last week’s column discussed how the continued closure of schools in the Philippines due to the pandemic could be leading to an education crisis in the Philippines. With the country struggling to stop the surging number of COVID-19 cases, face-to-face classes are still prohibited, and Filipino students… Read More