Stratbase ADRi’s Occasional Papers are concise analyses of the contemporary issues involving Philippine society. Published monthly, these are authored by a variety of specialists in their given fields.


January: “The ASEAN’s Divided Resistance – Duterte, China, and the Quest for the Rule of Law in the South China Sea”

February: “Civil Society Engagement in Addressing Terrorism in Southeast Asia”

April: “Bracing the economic impact of COVID-19”

May: “The Interconnectedness of Health, Climate Change, and Society”

July: “Multi-Platform Learning and Open Source Governance: Disrupting Philippine Education Towards Innovation Integration”

August: “Neighborly Accommodation: The Philippines’ China Policy in the Duterte Presidency, 2016-2020”

October: “Paths To Green Economic Recovery”

November: “The Social Amelioration Program in the Philippines: Lessons on Financial Inclusion and the use of ICT”


The 2021 National Budget: What promise does it bring to the Filipino people?

The Extended COVID-19 Crisis : An Issue of Governance and Health System Management

Philippine Green Economic Recovery


Rebuilding the Economy through Investments