ADRi Pilipinas Conference: “Pursuing a Federal Structure for the Philippines”


The Stratbase-ADRi’s yearly culminating event, entitled “Pilipinas Conference” with the theme “Forward Looking Perspectives: Understanding the Opportunities Beyond Politics”, will look ahead to 2017 by taking on questions about the vision and outlook for Philippine economic growth and diplomatic leadership during the Duterte administration.

The Philippines’ possible shift to a federal system of government could help to unlock the potential of underserved regions, by amplifying the voices of Filipinos in deciding how they will be governed and by redirecting funds to locally-defined priorities.

Through this panel session, the Stratbase-ADRi will bring together perspectives on the promise of the federal system for everyday Filipinos. The panel will identify how the shift in the system could be the most impactful for regional growth, areas of caution for the country’s legislators, and the different models that the Philippines can learn from in other countries around the world.

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