ADRi Pilipinas Conference: “Promotion of Foreign Investments and Enhancement of SMEs: Sharing Strategies and Opportunities”

The Philippines’ economic potential has brought international firms to the Philippines’ doorstep. With the onset of globalization, small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) were also presented with opportunities. Regardless of size, these firms are vibrant and essential ingredients for sustained economic growth. How can the government promote and protect investment? At the same time, how can it support the growth, strength, and resilience of SMEs in an increasingly competitive economic environment?
Through this panel session, Stratbase-ADRi shall bring together perspectives on the major areas of the economy where transformations are likely to occur in the coming year, as well as showcase the experience of firms in investing and doing business in the Philippines: what they have learned, how they have adapted and how the country can better position itself to attract investments.

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