ADRi Special Study: “Duterte’s First Year in Office: Assessing the Balance Sheet”

Yesterday, the Stratbase ADRi launched a Special Study by Mr. Richard Heydarian. Entitled “Duterte’s First Year in Office: Assessing the Balance Sheet”, the paper provides an assessment of President Rodrigo Duterte’s first year in office by placing it within the context of the Philippines’ challenges in four areas: domestic security and terrorism; foreign policy; socio-economic reform; and human rights and democracy.

In domestic security, Mr. Heydarian argues that the crisis in Mindanao, specifically the Battle of Marawi, marks the intersection of an exogenous shock in the form of an infiltrating so-called Islamic State ideology, and endogenous policy pitfalls that include the neglect of negotiations. In foreign policy, he argues that the government’s performance has been a mixture of short-term gains, reversible pitfalls, and medium-to-long term risks to the national interest. In socio-economic reforms, the 10-point economic agenda makes it clear that the government is interested in ensuring a better trickle-down of economic gains. Yet, in the final area, there are lingering concerns over the sustainability of the Dutertenomics agenda.

His presentation may be accessed here. Photos of the event may be viewed here.

Richard Heydarian’s Special Study is available online at our Scribd library.

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