SPARK: “Duterte’s Second Year in Office: Assessing the Balance Sheet”

Stratbase ADR Institute’s Second Quarter issue of SPARK is entitled “Duterte’s Second Year in Office: Assessing the Balance Sheet” written by ADRi’s Non-Resident Fellow, Richard Heydarian.

This piece provides an overall assessment of President Rodrigo Duterte’s second year in office by placing it within broader context of the Philippines’ key challenges in four areas, namely: Domestic Security and Terrorism, Foreign Policy, Socio-Economic Reform, and Human Rights and Democracy.

In his paper, he discussed President Duterte’s two years in office which includes overseeing a golden age in Philippine-China relations, gradual erosion in the liberal elements of Philippine democracy, new vulnerabilities in the Philippine economy, and an uncertain path towards peace in Mindanao. Yet, Duterte remains popular and, absent a clear and convincing alternative political narrative and leadership, firmly in command of the Philippines’ state institutions.



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