ADRi’s 2018 Third Quarter SPARK: “The Duterte Presidency: In the Balance Two Years After”

It is with pleasure that we share with you our SPARK paper for the month of September entitled “The Duterte Presidency: In the Balance Two Years After” written by Dr. Jaime M. Jimenez, a Senior Policy Research Analyst and Head of the Editorial Board at Stratbase ADR Institute. The paper analyzes President Duterte’s second year in office.

Dr. Jimenez argues that this presidency is in the balance between“barking up the wrong tree” and “biting more than what could be chewed.”To support this claim, he analyzes three points before ending with suggestions regarding policy and leadership.

First, the paper compares the similarities and differences of the State of the Nation Addresses of 2017 and 2018 at two levels: the issues mentioned and manner of delivery. Next, it moves onto the achievements and issues of the government to see the progress during the Duterte’s time in office. Lastly, the paper reviews the popular rating of Duterte and the priorities of the people and highlights the discord between the desires of the people and actions of the government.

We hope you will find the paper interesting and helpful in gaining insights on the current administration.


Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 09.28.53

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