ADRi Occasional Paper: “A Balanced Approach To Solid Waste Management: Governance and Total Stakeholder Participation”

We are pleased to share with you our November occasional paper, entitled “A Balanced Approach to Solid Waste Management: Governance and Total Stakeholder Participation”. Written by Ms. Vanessa Pepino, Environment Fellow of Stratbase ADR Institute, the paper’s central thesis is that while waste generation is an inevitable environmental concern for growing economies like the Philippines, waste mismanagement is a more pressing issue. The policy questions must then focus on where the problem of unsustainable practice of plastic waste disposal occurs and how it should be addressed.

The ultimate goal is to transition to more environmentally-sustainable alternatives and avoid waste. However, this can be a lengthy and costly process. In the meantime, adopting a circular economy thinking and strengthening the country’s waste management system can help reduce plastic waste leakage and address plastic pollution. This starts with differentiating regulations of solid wastes, including single-use plastics, and matching them with appropriate and feasible approach and technology in recycling, recovery and disposal.

Significant reduction in plastic-waste leakage and progress in regulating behavior will only be possible with public acceptance and engagement. Social awareness and education efforts in local communities is fundamental to support the effective implementation of policies. Of course, all stakeholders need to play their part, even the government and businesses.

Further details can be found in the full text of the article, which we hope you will find useful and interesting.


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