ADRi Occasional Paper: “Budget 2019: A Delicate Tool in an Elections Year”

We are pleased to share with you our January Occasional Paper, entitled “Budget 2019: A Delicate Tool in an Elections Year”, written by Mr. Louie Montemar, fellow of Stratbase ADR Institute.

While clarifying and raising questions on the national development approach that apparently informs the setting of priorities in the national budget, this paper explores issues surrounding the delay in the passage of the Philippine budget for 2019.

It suggests the upcoming elections as a key factor that impacts on the dynamics of the budget bill’s passage.

The national budget is an essential part of the national governance process, from planning to performance evaluation. To better appreciate the 2019 budget, there is a need to closely monitor unfolding events especially with regard to the upcoming elections. On a worrisome note, the Department of Budget and Management Secretary has already pointed out that the delay in the budget bill’s enactment should already have a negative impact on the economy. Further delays will cost us more, and a reenacted budget simply cannot be acceptable. The priorities of the budget can still be improved to better ensure that an infrastructure-led development approach will impact positively on the quality of lives of our people.

Further details can be found in the full text of the article, which we hope you will find useful and interesting.



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