ADRi Occasional Paper: “After the Monday Massacre: What the 2019 Elections Portends for Duterte’s Twilight Years”

We are pleased to share with you our July Occasional Paper, entitled “After the Monday Massacre: What the 2019 Elections Portends for  Duterte’s Twilight Years”  written  by  Mr. Richard Javad Heydarian, a non-resident fellow at Stratbase ADR Institute. The paper provides an analysis of the 2019 midterm election and its implications to the last three years of President Rodrigo Duterte’s presidential term.

In 2019, President Rodrigo Duterte pulled a great electoral victory in the midterm elections with the landslide win of his candidates. However, despite the major loss of the liberal opposition in the midterm election, the Philippines awaits not for a popular dictatorship but an ‘imperial presidency’ where President Duterte is almost above the law and immune to accountability but short of full control of state institutions, particularly over the military and political establishments.

We are sharing this issue in advance as we anticipate the fourth State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Duterte on July 22.



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