ADRi Occasional Paper: “Revitalizing the Philippine Recycling Industry: A Viable Strategy for Solid Waste Management”

We are pleased to share with you our August Occasional Paper, entitled “Revitalizing the Philippine Recycling Industry: A Viable Strategy for Solid Waste Management” written  by our Environment Fellow, Ms. Vanessa Pepino.

The paper focuses on how a vibrant and well-integrated Recycling Industry is necessary to develop a more efficient and effective solid waste management system and at the same, address plastic waste pollution.

Recycling is a commercially attractive waste treatment practice, sensible strategy for plastic pollution, and socioeconomic opportunity for communities. However, it is least maximized as gaps in the collection system, incentive mechanisms, delayed technological take-up and unresponsive regulatory framework are still observed. If planned strategically and done sustainability, it also eases the need for more sanitary landfills, support waste-to-energy technologies, and even reduce the need to import more plastic waste which burdens our waste stream. A broad-based approach is needed to develop a seamless and dynamic industry that mobilizes participation of stakeholders and streamlines essential strategies.



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