Stratbase ADR Institute’s May 2020 Occasional Paper: “The Interconnectedness of Health, Climate Change, and Society”

We are pleased to share with you our May 2020 Occasional Paper entitled, “The Interconnectedness of Health, Climate Change and Society”, written by Ludwig O. Federigan, the Executive Director of the Young Environmental Forum, the Interim Head of the Information and Knowledge Management Division of the Climate Change Commission, and a Non-Resident Fellow of Stratbase ADR Institute.

The paper explores how climate change has emerged as one of the most important environmental issues to confront humanity and how it has impacted human health. Furthermore, it draws comparisons between the climate crises and recent pandemics, discussing how both are direct consequences of human activity and how both require a whole-of-society approach to overcome.

Lastly, it also reminds us that the responsibility falls on us to make a change and that we still have a chance to shift gears and embrace systems change if we act now.



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