ADRi vTHD: “Fighting the Pandemic of Corruption”

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Transparency International-Philippines, Stratbase ADR Institute has partnered with them for a virtual discussion entitled, “Fighting the Perennial Pandemic of Corruption” held on 28 August 2020, Friday.

During the discussion, we hope to tackle the other virus that is making governments and societies sick — corruption.

Across the globe, COVID-19 has expanded the role of governments in addressing a country’s health and economic challenges. This more significant role, however, has also created more opportunities for corruption and has aggravated concerns over the lack of transparency and accountability in government.

The Philippines is no exception, with concerns growing in the last few months over the President’s sweeping powers granted by the Bayanihan bill, the shutdown of the country’s largest media network, and the surfacing of allegations of rampant corruption in the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation. Concern is also growing with regard to the trillions of pesos that are to allocated through the Bayanihan to Recover as One Act (Bayanihan 2) and the upcoming 2021 National Budget.

Given such developments, the crisis brought about by the pandemic provides an opportunity for countries to bolster transparency mechanisms, accountability, and good governance practices.

Currently, government programs and plans focus on the socio-economic and health aspects of the pandemic response. However, we must also address the growing crises in governance. Given that corruption can cripple government response plans, socio-economic and public health responses must be integrated holistically to prevent corruption, promote integrity, rebuild public trust, build transparency mechanisms, and increase accountability and civic participation.

It is also crucial that there should be a post-pandemic review of good governance efforts.

The discussion will touch on issues such as the need for the importance of good governance in the pandemic response, the effectiveness of the rule-of-law, and the role of civil society in anti-corruption and transparency and accountability initiatives.



Welcome and Acknowledgement of Guests
Mr. Francisco “Paco” Pangalangan
Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute
Lead Convenor, Democracy Watch Philippines

Opening Remarks: History of Transparency International-Philippines
Judge Dolores Español
Chairperson, Transparency International-Philippines

Messages from International and Local Transparency International-Philippines Founding Directors
Peter Eigen, Transparency International Founder
Huguette Labelle, Transparency International Former Chair
Kim Geo-Sung, Transparency International-Korea Former Chair
Tungko Abdul Aziz, Transparency International-Malaysia Founder

Status and Immediate Plans: “AKKO (AAKSIYON KONTRA KORUPSIYON)” Ngayon
Ms. Mona Lee Teves, Transparency International-Philippines

Introduction and Presentation of New Board Members & Message on Behalf of the New Board
Ms. Mona Lee Teves, Transparency International-Philippines

Keynote Address
Amb. Edgardo Espiritu
Founder, Transparency International-Philippines


Mr. Francesco “Paco” Pangalangan
Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute;
Lead Convenor, Democracy Watch Philippines

Opening Remarks
Prof. Dindo Manhit
President, Stratbase ADR Institute

Ms. Sarah Steingrüber
Affiliate Expert on Corruption in the Health Sector,
U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Center;
Global Health Lead, CurbingCorruption;
Lecturer, Transparency International School on Integrity

Prof. Heidi Mendoza
Professor of Praxis, Ateneo School of Government;
Former Under-Secretary-General, United Nations;
Former Commissioner, Commission on Audit

Dr. Francisco Magno
Trustee and Program Convenor, Stratbase ADR Institute;
Senior Fellow, De La Salle Institute of Governance

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