Stratbase ADR Institute’s Fourth Quarter 2020 SPARK: “Sharp Power: The Sources of Beijing’s Conduct”

It is with great pleasure that we share with you Stratbase ADR Institute’s Fourth Quarter 2020 SPARK entitled, “Sharp Power: The Sources of Beijing’s Conduct”, written by Richard Heydarian, Non-Resident Fellow of ADRi.

Contextualized in the Indo-Pacific landscape, this paper is grounded on the regional state of play and elaborates on the capacity of democratic forces in thwarting and negotiating Beijing’s sharp power. Amid the aggressive effort to promote China’s expansionist agenda, big and small state stakeholders in the Indo-Pacific are enjoined to take a collec- tive or united stand for the rule of law enveloped by a rules-based international and regional order.

The author also provides a spot-on emphasis “for the Southeast Asian country to not only recognize the nature of new emerging/emergent threats, but to also learn from the best practices among neighbors and robust democracies across the Indo-Pacific.” As for the Philippines, five important policy recommendations are laid down “to protect the integri- ty of its democratic institutions and national sovereignty in the age of sharp power.”

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