ADRi Occasional Paper: “The 2021 National Budget: What promise does it bring to the Filipino people?”

It is with pleasure that we share with you our January 2021 Occasional Paper entitled, “The 2021 National Budget: What Promise Does it Bring to the Filipino People?” and authored by our very own Edwin P. Santiago (Member, Editorial Board) and Venice Isabelle T. Rañosa (Research Manager).

As you may have known, the GAA of 2021 was signed and approved by Pres. Duterte on 28 December 2020. In this respect, Stratbase Research presents a broader and deeper look by analyzing its priorities and distribution; and performing a comparative analysis with the 2020 budget in terms of sectoral and agency distribution. Specifically, the budget for DOH was singled out among other agencies.

Further, this paper delved into the issues and controversies with respect to the budget and House leadership contest, political patronage and 2022 elections, corruption, and with regard to the questionable programs and provisions.

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