ADRi Occasional Paper: “Philippine Green Economic Recovery”

It is with pleasure that we share with you Stratbase ADR Institute’s Occasional Paper for April 2021.

Entitled “Philippine Green Economic Recovery.” The paper further ventilates the persistent call for more government action and leadership, with corresponding accountability and transparency, in the promotion of green measures and programs that need to be reflected in the national spending of government.

In particular, it discusses an assessment of whether the Philippines is on track for a Green Recovery and emphasized that the opportunity to spend on green and sustainable recovery lies on building on the lessons built throughout the years. By reviewing environmental and climate lessons in the last decade, the author banked on the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), the Climate Action Tracker (CAT), the significant policy strides in the environmental front, the illegal wildlife trade (IWT), the current conditions of our marine resources affecting our EPI, which includes water availability, septage management programs, energy transition, biodiversity conservation and marine health, and the ADB pillars for green recovery strategies.

Authored by our Non-Resident Fellow, Vanesa Pepino, this paper is part of ADRi’s Global Energy and the Environment program and our advocacy on inclusive and sustainable economic recovery, productive public-private partnerships, and international support for developmental and environmental projects.

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