ADRi Business vRTD: “New Jobs, New Opportunities, and Rebuilding Lives: Business Continuity for a Shared Prosperity”

The Stratbase ADR Institute’s (ADRi) quarterly virtual business roundtable discussions (vRTDs) which started earlier this year aims to provide a platform for the country’s top business groups and thought leaders to spark discussions and exchange ideas on their vital role in nation building. Emerging as a driving force at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the private sector demonstrated its capacity in accelerating economic revival. Through their investments, expertise, and innovativeness, the private sector can help in addressing our most urgent socio-economic challenges and in uplifting the lives of millions of Filipinos. Without the active involvement of the private sector, the Philippines may not be able to quickly overcome the ongoing crisis. A survey by Pulse Asia in September 2020 also showed that Filipinos recognize the vital role of the private sector in creating jobs, expanding livelihood opportunities, and alleviating poverty.

As always, ADRi sparks developmental dialogue and constructive insights to influence the formulation of good public policy, legislation, and regulation. As the second vRTD in this quarterly series, this event emphasizes on how the business community can strengthen the country’s competitiveness through trade and investments amid the pandemic, and at the same time protect the welfare of their stakeholders with their vaccination programs.

Even under various levels of lockdown for more than a year now, the private sector continues to not only keep the economy afloat, but also address the needs of stakeholders―from suppliers all the way to the customers and communities―to achieve shared prosperity and inclusive growth. Their investments can boost the country’s exports, create jobs, provide income security, and spur economic growth in the long run. And at the same time, exactly a year after a lockdown was first imposed, the private sector stepped up further by purchasing COVID-19 vaccines not just for their employees, but also for their employees’ families. A large fraction of the stock would also be donated to the government to vaccinate the rest of the population. These vaccines will be most helpful in mitigating the impact not only of the public health crisis, but also any further economic downturn. All these will, hopefully, boost public and investor confidence and keep the economy running strong.


Opening Remarks
Amb. Albert del Rosario
Chairman, Stratbase ADR Institute

Keynote Address
Mr. Diwa Guinigundo
Former Deputy Governor, Monetary and Economics Sector, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Reopening the Economy for Business Continuity

Ensuring Job and Income Security Amid Uncertain Times
Mr. Edgardo Lacson
Chairman, Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP)

Safely Reopening the Economy and Boosting Confidence
Ms. Rizalina Mantaring
Chairperson, Committee on National Issues, Management Association of the Philippines (MAP);
Treasurer, Makati Business Club (MBC)

Structural Reforms for Post-Pandemic Recovery
Mr. Calixto Chikiamco
President, Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF)

The Role of Private Educational Institutions in Human Capital Development
Atty. Joseph Noel Estrada
Managing Director, Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations (COCOPEA)

Job Creation and Vaccination for a Shared Prosperity

Public-Private Partnerships: Infrastructure Development as the Driver of Economic Revival
Ms. Cosette Canilao
President and CEO, Aboitiz InfraCapital

Mass Vaccination: The Cure to the Public Health and Economic Crisis
Mr. Christian Gonzalez
Executive Vice President, International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI)

Closing Remarks
Prof. Victor Andres “Dindo” C. Manhit
President, Stratbase ADR Institute

Host and Moderator
Atty. Karen Jimeno
Director and Chief Legal Counsel, SofCap Partners

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