ADRi vTHD: “Synergy Towards a People-Centered Health Agenda”

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose public health threats and strain both health and economy. Undeniably, in the Philippines, the pandemic has revealed and enlarged existing gaps in our public health system. At the same time, it has also presented opportunities to implement programs and reforms to improve the healthcare system in line with the basic principles of universal healthcare and the achievement of sustainable development goals.

To realize universal healthcare, there is a need for a healthcare policy agenda that will effectively mitigate the threats of the pandemic and establish comprehensive foundations and resilient health ecosystem for a sustainable new normal.

The enormity of these challenges, however, requires a coordinated, coherent, and cohesive alignment with different stakeholders. A synergy among different actors and sectors towards a people-centered health agenda that is more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable for all Filipinos is critical to overcoming the challenges faced by our health system.

Hence, as the 2022 elections draws near, public health professionals, advocates, and health technology stakeholders have an opportunity to help shape a strategic health agenda with clear solutions and policy recommendations to address existing gaps and build a better, more responsive healthcare system.

Stratbase ADR Institute, in partnership with UHC Watch, gathered experts and stakeholders from the academe, public, private, and civil society sectors to share perspectives and solutions that will foster multi-sectoral synergy into a renewed healthcare agenda; one that is efficient, evidence-based, and most importantly, people-centered.


Opening Remarks
Prof. Victor Andres “Dindo” Manhit
President, Stratbase ADR Institute


Current Gaps in the Healthcare System and the Proposed Solutions
Dr. Leni Jara
Executive Director, Council for Health and Development

Importance of Setting a People Centered Health Agenda
Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan
Former Secretary of Health;
Board Member, Health Justice Philippines

The Role of Patients in the Next Healthcare Agenda
Ms. Maria Fatima “Girlie” Garcia Lorenzo
President, Philippine Alliance of Patients Organization

The Role of the Pharma Industry in Supporting a More Resilient Healthcare System
Dr. Beaver Tamesis
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines;
Managing Director, Merck Sharp & Dome

Challenges the Healthcare Providers Face in the Implementation of Universal Health Care Law
Dr. Jaime A. Almora
President, Philippine Hospital Association


Ms. Aileen Antolin
Vice President, Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. (PFBCI / Kasuso Foundation)

Ms. Cynthia K. Madaraog
President, Philippine Society of Orphan Disorders, Inc.

Ms. Cynthia Clemen Y. Duntz
Board Member/Vice-President, The Philippine Diabetes Support and Awareness Group, Inc.

Mr. Josef de Guzman
Executive Director, Psoriasis Philippines

Ms. Carmen Auste
Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Warriors Foundation

Dr. Johnny K. Lokin
President, The Stroke Society of the Philippines

Prof. Zenaida F. Velasco
National President, Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines

Closing Statement
Mr. Orlando Oxales
Lead Convenor, CitizenWatch Philippines;
Convenor, UHC Watch

Mr. Francesco Javier “Paco” Pangalangan
Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute

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