ADRi Virtual Business RTD: “Promoting Broad-Based Prosperity Through Digital Infrastructure”

The need to hasten the building of digital infrastructures has become more crucial than ever. As the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the immense value of digital connectivity for survival, the Philippines should transform and be open to new ways of doing business to be globally competitive. Emerging new technologies could only be maximized in the presence of digital infrastructures that would enable their growth and acceleration. Ultimately, these kinds of investments are key to bridging the digital divide and pursuing broad-based prosperity. At this point, nobody should be left behind. 

On top of these, investments are naturally drawn to areas with essential infrastructures in place, such as roads and internet connectivity. 

In this light, the Stratbase ADR Institute, in partnership with CitizenWatch Philippines, organized its third virtual business roundtable discussion this year, entitled “Promoting Broad-Based Prosperity Through Digital Infrastructure,” which was held on 7 September 2022, Wednesday, from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM (Manila Time) via Zoom Webinar. 

This forum served as a platform for the country’s top industry players to share their insights on the need to improve not only the quality of digital services, but also the access thereof to millions of Filipinos. The event will also explore the effectiveness of public-private partnerships (PPPs) in infrastructure development, especially since PPPs have proven to be an integral component of the growth equation as no single player possesses all the necessary resources for development. But then again, a policy environment that is conducive for investments and innovations to thrive must be in place.  

Indeed, heightened collaboration can create a more competitive digital ecosystem, thereby attracting more investments and accelerating the country’s overall economic growth. 


Introduction and Opening Remarks 
Prof. Victor Andres “Dindo” C. Manhit 
President, Stratbase ADR Institute 

Accelerating Economic Growth Through Tech-Driven Development 
Engr. Derick Dimla 
Manager and Head of Network Technology Innovations, Globe Telecom 

Creating a Digitized and Competitive Philippines 
Mr. John R. Gonzales 
First Vice President, Enterprise Digital Solutions, PLDT; 
Chief Commercial Officer, ePLDT 

Advancing Business and Communities Through Digital Infrastructure 
Ms. Cosette V. Canilao 
President & CEO, Aboitiz InfraCapital 

Digital Transformation: Key to Bridging the Digital Divide  
Mr. Peter Maquera 
CEO, Microsoft Philippines 

The Need for Connectivity in Advancing the Digital Economy 
Dr. S. Ismail Shah 
Head of Connectivity and Access Policy, APAC Meta 

Mr. Orlando O. Oxales 
Convenor, CitizenWatch Philippines 

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