ADRi vTHD: “Continuity and Change? An Assessment of the President’s First 100 Days in Office”

The first 100 days of any president elected into office is worth watching, as this can serve as a snapshot of how the leader will govern during his term. President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. had early on made headlines worldwide when he won the May 2022 National Elections. The political environment has become more interesting and inviting as the new administration pronounces sound fiscal management, good governance, food security, not giving an inch of Philippine territory, and all-inclusive recovery.

The Marcos Jr. Administration seems to be presenting itself as one that values technocrats, with its economic managers and other key officials of the cabinet being skilled practitioners in their respective fields.

Various legislative priorities have been laid down both by the President himself as well as his economic team. We have witnessed several executive orders and policy pronouncements, either building on the works of previous administrations or signifying change from predecessors.

It is in this light that the Institute, together with Democracy Watch Philippines, organized a virtual town hall discussion (vTHD) to evaluate the first 100 days of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Entitled, “Continuity and Change? An Assessment of the President’s First 100 Days”, this event was held on 14 October 2022 (Friday) from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Manila Time) via Zoom Webinar.

Through this discussion, ADRi hoped to provide a space to assess the President’s first 100 days in office and how to move forward in holding him and his administration accountable to their promises, pronouncements, and subsequent policies.


Opening Remarks
Prof. Victor Andres “Dindo” Manhit
President, Stratbase ADR Institute;
Lead Convenor, Democracy Watch Philippines

Assessing the First 100 Days of the Marcos Jr. Administration: Presentation of 3rd Quarter Survey Results
Dr. Ronald Holmes
President, Pulse Asia Research, Inc.;
Full Professor, Department of Political Science and Development Studies, De La Salle University – Manila

An Economic Perspective of the First 100 Days of the Marcos, Jr. Administration
Mr. Calixto “Toti” Chikiamco
President, Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF)

Civil Society Engagement in the First 100 Days under the Marcos Jr. Administration
Ms. Zy-Za Nadine Suzara
Executive Director, Institute for Leadership, Empowerment, and Democracy (iLEAD)

Prospects for Private Sector Engagement and PPPs in the Marcos Jr. Administration
Mr. Coco Alcuaz
Executive Director, Makati Business Club (MBC)

Closing Remarks by the Moderator
Dr. Francisco Magno
Trustee and Program Convenor, Stratbase ADR Institute;
Senior Fellow and the Founding Director, De La Salle Institute of Governance;
Full Professor of Political Science, De La Salle University – Manila

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