ADRi Occasional Paper: “Developing a Circular Economy in the Philippines”

It is with pleasure that we share with you the Stratbase ADR Institute’s Occasional Paper for November 2022 entitled, “Developing a Circular Economy in the Philippines”, authored by Venice Isabelle Rañosa (Research Manager) and Engr. Felix Jose Vitangcol (Fellow for Enviroment).

This paper highlights the need to shift from the traditional linear economy to one that is more sustainable – a circular economy – in light of the different crises arising from the depletion of natural resources that have led to a serious lack of supply of various inputs to production. On top of this, consumers’ throw-away mentality and the prevailing linear and fragmented waste management systems across local government units (LGUs) in the Philippines pose a great challenge. The newly passed Extended Producer Responsibility Act of 2022 is a clear step in developing a circular economy in the country.

A major takeaway from this paper is the need for collective effort among stakeholders in the government, private sector, and civil society, as well as individuals themselves, in sustaining the country’s recovery. This, however, requires the appropriate policies and infrastructure set by government. Environmental stewardship must be the centerpiece in creating a better and more resilient planet that can withstand future shocks and can be enjoyed by the future generations to come. The immediate benefit will be seen in an economy that is more sustainable over the long term.

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