Funding the Force: The Philippine Military’s Path to Modernization

Stratbase ADR Institute is an independent, international and strategic research organization with the principal goal of addressing the issues affecting the Philippines and Asia through 1) effecting national, regional and international policy change or support; 2) fostering strategic ideas based on cooperation and innovative thinking; 3) providing a regional venue for collaboration and cooperation in… Read More

Political Violence in Mindanao: The State of Play in 2016

Luke Lischin is an Academic Assistant at the National War College. In 2014, he received his MA from Georgetown University’s Security Studies Program, where he concentrated in the study of terrorism and substate violence. Luke’s current research interests include political violence and insurgency in the Philippines and the greater Southeast Asian region. Beyond political violence,… Read More

The People’s Liberation Army of China: Its Raison D’etre, Current State and Trajectory

Mark Davis M. Pablo is a Research Analyst at the ADR Institute. He graduated Cum Laude from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy. Prior to joining the ADR Institute, Mr. Pablo specialized in Strategic Studies. He began his career as a Defence Researcher/Analyst in the… Read More

Delay and Dissatisfaction in the Aquino Administration’s PPP Program: Recommendations for Future Partnerships

Victor Andres “Dindo” C. Manhit is the CEO and Managing Director of the Stratbase Group and President of the ADR Institute. He specializes in Strategic Public Management, Legislative Research and Governance Reforms. His research interest and field of specialization had led him to pursue active involvement in legislation, bureaucratic work and civil society advocacy. Maria… Read More