Stratbase ADR Institute Special Study: “The Continuing Political Development and Nation-State Building”

As this unique and challenging year comes to an end, it is with pleasure that we share with you Stratbase ADR Institute’s Special Study entitled, “The Continuing Political Development and Nation-State Building”, authored by ADRi Non-Resident Fellow, Rizal G. Buendia, Ph.D.

The study aptly projects our work in terms of political development issues and needs with emphasis on democratic institutions. In, particular it advances one of our major development objectives, that is, to examine Philippine democracy and development in terms of democratic institutions, regulatory reforms, and political processes.

It provides a general account on the trend of political development during the past five (5) presidencies and the Duterte administration, which was explained and emphasized, and includes institutional and political reforms, bureaucratic reforms, corruption, and processes (extra-constitutional and extra-legal means). It also relates political development and corruption to government’s response to COVID-19 and the government delivery of public services.

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