ADRi vTHD: “Digital Readiness PH: Fostering a Digital Empowerment Agenda for Recovery and Competitiveness”

The COVID-19 crisis and the continuing lockdown measures have exposed the country’s readiness issues and forced the realization that rapid digital transformation is needed in both government and private enterprises. Indeed, it is widely acknowledged that our goal of sustainable and long-term recovery can only be attained with digital infrastructure supporting all the required digital technology solutions at its foundation.

In our hyperlinked society connected via the Internet, all sectors of society are growing increasingly dependent on digital technologies for continued business operations, education, transportation, health-related concerns, information dissemination and delivery of public services. For instance, dependable and accessible Internet services have become essential for private enterprises to coordinate supply chains and reach customers. Internet is also critical for government bureaucracies for intra-government collaboration and engaging with citizens.

However, beyond technology and digital infrastructure, we also recognize that digital readiness also entails the building the capacity of the workforce, structural reforms in organization and processes, and game-changing policy reforms that encourages flexibility to the fast pace of technological innovation.

Hence, the big question is, are the stakeholders ready to go digital? Are public and private sectors’ organizational and policy environments ready for disruptive changes needed to integrate and maximize the benefits of digital solutions for public services and operations? Is the culture of the organization ready? Do you have the right technology? Are your human resources ready to operate these new technologies? These are some of the pre-requisites that must be met to successfully harness the benefits of digitalization.

This virtual town hall discussion aimed to pool together experts and key stakeholders from various technological fields and sub-sectors that together we may form strategic partnerships and share with each other, proactive measures, and innovative approaches in attaining genuine digital readiness and competitiveness that will in turn, boost key industries and empower Filipinos across all sectors of society.


Opening Remarks
Prof. Victor Andres “Dindo” Manhit
President, Stratbase ADR Institute

Keynote Address
Hon. Gregorio B. Honasan II
Secretary, Department of Information and Communications Technology

Digital Infra Expansion and Digital Literacy Initiatives

Ms. Ma. Yolanda Crisanto
Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer;
Head of Corporate Communications, Globe Telecom

Atty. Roy Cecil Ibay
Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, Smart Communications

Interventions for Digital Readiness and Insights on Policy Reforms

Ms. Clare Amador
Public Policy Head, Facebook Philippines

Ms. Joanna Rodriguez
Public Sector Director, Microsoft Philippines
Grab Interventions for Digital Readiness and Insights on Policy Reforms

Ms. Sherielysse “Booey” Bonifacio
Head of Public Affairs, Grab Philippines

Mr. Christian Edmond Reyes
Managing Director, HP Philippines

Closing Remarks
Mr. Orlando Oxales
Convenor, CitizenWatch Philippines

Mr. Francesco Javier “Paco” Pangalangan
Executive Director, Stratbase ADR Institute

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