Book Launch: “Elusive Balances: Shaping U.S.-Southeast Asia Strategy”

The United States’ policy towards Southeast Asia has often been dependent on an administration’s priorities and commitments to the region. Whether this garner success or not, sustainability then becomes co terminus once a new administration comes to either map out a new regional plan/strategy or continue from the successes and/or address the failures of the previous. Recently, the Biden administration released its Indo-Pacific Strategy, a continued policy initiative from the Trump administration, that brings into question the depth of commitment of the U.S. to the region while balancing its other commitments and pressing current global political-security issues.  

The Stratbase Albert del Rosario Institute, in partnership with BowerGroupAsia (BGA), has invited Dr. Prashanth Parameswaran, Deputy Head of Research for BGA, to discuss his book titled, “Elusive Balances: Shaping U.S.-Southeast Asia Strategy” where he gives his analysis on U.S. policy structural issues towards Southeast Asia relating its historical policy and engagement development to the region and U.S.’ often conflicting role to its domestic, regional and global audience.   


Welcome Remarks
Prof. Dindo Manhit
President, Stratbase ADR Institute

Opening Remarks
Ernest Bower IV 
President and CEOBowerGroupAsia 

Book Overview: Elusive Balances: Shaping U.S.-Southeast Asia Strategy
Dr. Prashanth Parameswaran
Deputy Head of Research, BowerGroupAsia
Fellow, The Wilson Center Asia Program
Senior Columnist, The Diplomat

Reactor: Best Practices and Ways Forward for US and its allies
James Carouso
Australia Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Senior Advisor, BowerGroupAsia

Host and Moderator
Clarisse Dacanay
Program Manager, Stratbase ADR Institute

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