ADRi Post-SONA Forum: “A Government Agenda for Development in the Marcos Jr. Presidency Post Pandemic”

In the inaugural address of President Marcos Jr., he gave much emphasis on the need for national unity and his concern of being one with the Filipino people in the dream of peace, progress, and brighter future. 

With respect to the need of addressing post pandemic development, the new president devoted attention to sectors and issues that are also publicly preferred to be prioritized, such as agriculture, food sufficiency, OFWs, teachers’ upskilling, the energy supply, infrastructure plan, the need for investments, pollution, climate change, pandemic management, and tourism alongside having a comprehensive, inclusive economic plan. 

The first SONA of the Marcos Jr. presidency, while providing answers to widely held expectations of a much clearer agenda, prompted as well more inquiries about how “things” will be done and what “goals” will be achieved. In this backdrop, the following questions beg to be answered: What are the crucial development and governance challenges that should be further addressed? Given the first SONA of the Marcos Jr. presidency, will it be able to fill the important gaps in these challenges? What can we expect in the first 100 days or in the first six months under the new government? More specifically, what are the persistent problems and issues that will likely be less addressed? 

It is in this light that the Stratbase ADR Institute launched a roundtable discussion themed, “A Government Agenda for Development in the Marcos Jr. Presidency Post Pandemic”, to provide recommendations and policy advice pertaining to good governance and development, human capital and labor markets, inclusive growth and the public sector, poverty and inequality, patronage politics and political reforms, and the prospects for democracy and the rule of law. 


Opening Remarks
Prof. Dindo Manhit
President, Stratbase ADRi

Governance and Development: What Have We Learned?
Dr. Francisco “Kiko” Magno
Trustee, Stratbase ADR Institute
Full Professor of Political Science, DLSU

Moving Forward through Strategic Economic Reforms
Mr. Calixto “Toti” Chikiamco
President, Foundation for Economic Freedom
Columnist, BusinessWorld

Public Sector Governance and the National Budget
Ms. Zy-za Nadine Suzara
Executive Director, Institute for Leadership, Empowerment, and Democracy

Interweaving Poverty and Inequality Reduction Reforms
Dr. Ronald U. Mendoza
Acting Dean, Ateneo School of Government

Reconsidering Patronage Politics and Political Reforms
Dr. Julio Teehankee
Full Professor of Political Science and International Studies and
Former Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University

Prospects for Democracy and the Rule of Law in the Next Decade
Dr. Imelda Deinla
Convenor, BOSES Pilipinas
Associate Professor, Ateneo School of Government

Closing Remarks
Dr. Raul Pangalangan
Trustee, Stratbase ADR Institute
Former Judge, International Criminal Court

Host and Moderator
Atty. Anthony Abad
CEO, TradeAdvisors

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